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Force Hydraulics and Pneumatics’ mission is to provide a professional, responsive and sustainable service to our customers.

With over 20 years combined experience in the field, our staff provide a superior and reliable service to our customers both within and outside the Sunraysia area.


We have developed valuable relationships with reliable and reputable suppliers and are therefore able to source the highest quality products for our customers. 



  • Hydraulic and pneumatic systems

  • Hydraulic pump, motor and cylinder repairs

  • Compressed air pipe and treatment systems

  • Air compressor sales, service and hire

  • Hydraulic hose and treatment systems

  • Hose repairs

  • Light truck crane, car hoist and tailgate lifter sales, service and inspections

Force Hydraulics and Pneumatics staff are qualified and experienced in regular servicing of a broad range of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment including but not limited to light truck cranes, car hoists, tailgate lifters and air compressors.


To avoid unnecessary downtime, contact us to discuss your service needs. We can work with you to develop a service schedule to ensure your equipment is maintained to a safe and reliable standard. 


20 years combined experience - friendly and approachable staff - responsive and reliable - 

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