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Come and visit us to discuss an option to suit your needs, or to service existing products

Force Hydraulics and Pneumatics offer high quality regular servicing and repairs to various types of car hoists.
To avoid unnecessary downtime, contact us to discuss your service needs. We can work with you to develop a service schedule to ensure your equipment is maintained to a safe and reliable standard. 
If you are in need of a hoist, whatever the requirements, Tufflift has an option to suit every need. Tufflift is Australian owned and has been operating for nearly 30years. With Tufflift being a leading international hoist manufacturing and distrubution company, quality and tailored products are delivered every time. Each and every hoist is manufactured to meet and comply with strict Australian standards and safety requirements by a team of qualitifed engineers both in Australia and overseas. Every product is designed to meet the daily needs of customers, with design upgrades available to ensure the latest quality products are readily available.
The extensive range of hoists available ensures that there is one to meet your needs, whether it be for car storage or workshop environment.
Tufflift is quality, and quality is peace of mind.
Let us at Force Hydraulics and Pneumatics help you find a solution to meet your needs. We can also provide a high quality and timely installation, as well as ongoing service and maintenance.
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